Gregory Miszkiel
29 Edilou Dr.
Toronto, ON, M8W-4B1
Phone:(416) 252-5386

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Transferable Soft Skills Technical Skills Certificates Education and Professional Development


A position in Programming/Database Development where my ability to adapt to different working environments, problem solving and effective team working skills can be utilized and enhanced.


> Designed Client/Server information application for an Oracle Database using Visual Basic front end. Project included:
   - Designed a relational database by defining user requiments;
   - Utilized SQL's Data Definition Language and Data Manipulation Language;
   - Created complex queries using joins, subqueries and relational set operators;
   - Generated procedures, functions and triggers at form,block and item levels;
> Developed the application for a transport company to keep track of vehicles registered within authority:
   - Detailed tracking of vehicles the registered for a different purposes;
   - Created tables, functions, procedures and packages;
   - Adapted Forms 5.0 on front-end and Oracle 8 on the back-end.
> Created software for a construction company to manage the employee inventory, salary increase, material expenses, material
     inventory for every project in all branches of this company:
   - Developed the application writing necessary PL/SQL code;
   - Designed Forms 6.0 and Reports 3.0 on front end using Oracle Developer 2000;
   - Adding functionality to the system, writing required triggers, functions, procedures.
> Created Contact Manger application with Visual Basic 6.0 as a front-end Interface and connected to MS-Access database:
   - Utilized a Command Objects and ADO;
   - Software track to personal contacts;
   - RDBMS was modeled and created in MS-Access to keep track of contacts, scheduled
     and completed events;
   - Ability to create Crystal Reports to display selected pieces of information.
> Developed Web Site for retail company using HTML and JavaScript.
> Built a Credit Card application that involved building a class object written in C++:
   - Built a class for recording credit cards accounting;
   - Object of the class store a credit card number, a credit limit, balance owning and credit avaiable in one or more private data       members.
>Created class structures and eventsusing Java.

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Transferable Soft Skills

> Creative and innovative in implementing new ideas for a office project.
> Motivated and enterpreneurial by working with startup company from day one.
> High level of teamwork and leadership as exemplified by supervising 26 employees.
> Problem solver in overcoming daily opertional challeenges.
> Time management used to organize and prioritize duties and tasks to save time and maintain the budget.

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Technical Skills

Methodologies Applications
Visual Basic
C, C++
Visual Pro5
Data Modeling
Oracle 8i
Developer 2000
MS Visual Studio
JDK 1.2.2
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Employment Profile

1999-2000 Arotex Systems
Systems Analyst
Toronto, Ontario
Designed and implementedprocedures, functions, triggers in various applications using Oracle 8i on the back-end.Created and coded Forms 5.0 and Reports 3.5 on the front-end using developer 2000 rel. 6.2. Technical support responsibilities included package installations, maintenance and network troubleshooting. Performing extensive applications testing, involving low-level and user-level black box testing.
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Oracle Certified Internet Application Developer, Oracle Forms Developer Rel. 6/6i.

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Education and Professional Development

2000             Softrain Institute, Toronto, Ontario
                     Oracle Certified Professional Internet Application Developer.

1999            The Institute for Computer Studies, Mississauga, Ontario
                    Computer Programming, Database and Internet Solution Developer Diploma.

1983-1988  Agricultural Academy in Warsaw, Poland
                    Master Degree and Engineer of Mechanical Wood Technology.

References and Professional Portfolio available upon request.

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